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Gavin Blair Safaris offers you an insight into the wonders of the African bush. With many years of experience in a number of African countries your professional guide, Gavin Blair, is qualified to lead safaris to the destinations of your choice.  Gavin is licensed to conduct walking, canoeing and driving safaris.  Gavin Blair Safaris is therefore totally self-contained for the ideal tailor-made safari of your choice, with Gavin as your personal guide throughout.

There are various safari options available to you:

  1. BulletLodge to Lodge Safaris to the National Parks and Game Reserves of Botswana.

  2. BulletLodge and Camping Safaris where you can explore the uninhabited areas of Zimbabwe.

  3. BulletWildlife and Scenic Safaris to Namibia.

  4. BulletSafaris that combine two or three countries.

  5. BulletA combination of activities including game-drives, walking safaris, canoeing and boating depending on your interests and sense of adventure.

  6. BulletYour safari can be tailor-made to suit your requirements.  Much help and guidance is offered to you throughout your decision making.

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Gavin Blair Safaris

Why Choose Gavin Blair Safaris ?

If you are planning a once in a lifetime safari why book a trip where you risk being crammed into a vehicle with a mixture of birders, photographers and the "been there, done that" crowd?  Why not enhance your experience with your own personal guide who can build on each days experience - so ensuring that your safari does not become the usual tick list of the big five, but rather a totally encompassing adventure that links the sights, sounds and smells of each game drive or safari walk into a coherent experience that binds all the aspects of the African bush together.

It is usual for a standard game drive to set out with the goal of finding the lions - that's great for the first few days, but as each day more people join and others leave the aim of the standard game drive remains the same, with the result that you will probably miss out on many other interesting and fascinating sightings.  With Gavin as your personal guide, who knows what you saw yesterday and the day before, the information shared with you at each new sighting will be linked together, so tying every encounter into an all round safari experience.

Gavin Blair Safaris offers personalised safaris to individuals, families or small groups of friends.  The safari vehicle used will be for your exclusive use, which enables freedom from the typical rigid schedules of the various lodges, and as such your wildlife viewing will not be dictated by the time of the next meal.  The result is that Gavin Blair Safaris can live up to its promise to ensure you are given the maximum wildlife viewing experience, not only by the fact that Gavin Blair Safaris offers up to five hours more wildlife viewing per day than your standard safari itinerary, but also because you will have the benefit of a highly experienced and respected guide, who has an intimate and inexhaustible knowledge of the wildlife as well as a very genuine and infectious enthusiasm for all aspects of Africa's fauna and flora - so ensuring a safari adventure not to be forgotten.  Gavin Blair Safaris return rate of 78% is further proof of its high standards and commitment to your enjoyment of the complete safari experience, as the testimonials page of this website will show.

One to seven guests is ideal in order to ensure a personalised safari, but larger numbers can be accommodated by special request.  Your safari will be individually costed depending on the size of your group, the countries and areas visited, camps and lodges used, air charters and safari activities undertaken.

Whatever you choose you are guaranteed an adventure never to be forgotten!

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