Gavin Blair Safaris is usually booked up a year in advance and so planning your trip well ahead is strongly recommended.  Many people return year after year.

For further information and prices, please use this link Gavin Blair Safaris to send your inquiry.  Please remember to indicate the itinerary you are interested in, the dates you are looking to travel over, and how many will be in your party so we may get back to you with the most comprehensive reply.  We will always reply within a few days, but if you do not hear from us please try resending your e-mail, and if possible include an additional contact e-mail address, as we are finding that on occasion certain servers are blocking our replies being that we are based in Africa.  Likewise there are some addresses that we are not able to receive from and so if you still do not hear from us please try to resend from a different server if possible - i.e. a lack of reply means that we have not received your message!

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