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1. These are the terms of business on which Gavin Blair Safaris (Pty) Ltd. ("GBS") will provide services to any person who undertakes a safari with GBS ("client"). These terms apply both to safaris booked direct by clients and to safaris arranged by agents on behalf of clients ("agents"). The booking of a safari constitutes the client's acceptance of these terms as the sole contractual terms that apply as between GBS and each person on whose behalf a safari is booked.
2. In the case of services booked through an agent, it is the agent's responsibility to the client to ensure that the client is made aware of these terms, since their client will be bound by them, and that the client complies with them insofar as they impose obligations on the client; these terms constitute a collateral contract between the agent and GBS to that effect.
3. GBS does not employ agents to solicit business from clients on its own behalf. Intermediaries through whom safaris/services are booked for clients are agents of the client.


4. The services which GBS will provide or procure for the duration of the agreed safari period, subject to the booking confirmation and to these terms, are:
(a) the personal services and attention throughout the safari of a professional safari guide who is familiar with the safari location and is knowledgeable about all aspects of wildlife - flora, fauna and avifauna;
(b) suitable transportation for the client from the agreed safari start point, during the safari, and to the safari end point;
(c) the arranging of available lodge, camp or hotel accommodation during the safari;
(d) in the case of a mobile camping safari:  suitable meal, tenting, bedding, washing, showering and toilet facilities appropriate for a mobile bush camp;
5. GBS's fee covers:
(a) the services of a professional guide and any other GBS personnel who (at GBS's sole discretion) accompany the safari;
(b) accommodation, as shown in the booking confirmation;
(c) meals, non-alcoholic drinks and reasonable alcoholic drinks, to a maximum of 6 measures per adult client per day, unless otherwise stated on the booking confirmation;
(d) all internal air charters from the start to end point locations and between locations during the safari and all ground transportation on the booked safari route, all as shown on the booking confirmation.
[Note that extra charges are payable for any air or ground transportation that is not part of the original booking];
(e) park fees and other similar fixed fees;
(f) any taxes levied from within any country in which the safari is to take place at the rate in force at the time when the booking is confirmed by GBS.
If the client requests, and GBS agrees, to amend the safari booked to other than that shown on the booking confirmation form, GBS's fee is subject to adjustment.


6.In these terms "payment" means receipt by GBS in US$'s of funds for the amount due for the value without bank recourse to GBS.  All funds are remitted at the client's risk.
[Note: clients/agents are advised to assume that at least 7 bank business days should be allowed for receipt of funds by telegraphic bank transfer, and at least 14 bank business days for receipt of funds by all other methods of payment.]
7. A deposit equal to 25% of the total fee is payable to GBS on placement of the safari booking. The deposit will be refunded in full if GBS does not confirm the booking. The deposit is not refundable by GBS after it confirms the booking in any circumstances other than as provided in clause 10.
[Note: Agents are cautioned not to confirm safari bookings to clients until receipt of the deposit has been confirmed to them by GBS, to advise clients that the deposits are non-refundable and that cancellation charges apply.]
8. Payment of the balance of the fee for the safari (including any adjustment fee resulting from any agreed changes in the safari arrangements) is to be made in full at least 60 days prior to the safari start date, or within 14 days of GBS's booking confirmation if that is issued by GBS less than 60 days prior to the safari start date. Notwithstanding the full payment must be received in full prior to the commencement of the safari, unless written agreement by GBS states otherwise.


9. Cancellation by the client: If for any reason the client cancels a booking after it has been confirmed by GBS the following cancellation charges are payable by the client;
- More than 60 days before the safari start date - 25% of full fee
- 45 to 60 days before the safari start date - 50% of full fee
- 31 to 44 days before the safari start date - 75% of full fee
- 30 days or less before the safari start date - 100% of full fee
Any cancellation charges levied on GBS by third parties (e.g. air charters or accommodation providers) as a result of the client cancelling, will be payable by the client in addition to the foregoing.
[Note: Having regard to these provisions the client is advised to purchase medical and cancellation insurance]
10. Cancellation by GBS: If GBS cancels a booking after confirming it but before the safari commencement date by reason of the illness or incapacity of any key GBS personnel, the client will be entitled to a full refund of all payments made to GBS. The client shall have no further claim against GBS arising from such cancellation by GBS.
11. Timely payment of all fees by the client in accordance with these terms of business is a fundamental obligation of the client and is of essence. GBS is entitled to cancel any safari, even after confirming the booking, if any payment has not been made by the due date. Such cancellation does not release the client from payment obligations to GBS and is without prejudice to any other remedy available to GBS at law.


12. GBS shall not be obliged to perform any obligation under the contract if such performance is rendered impossible, substantially more difficult or delayed as a result of Acts, Orders or Regulations issued by Central or Local Government, industrial disputes (whether official or unofficial), war, riots, hostilities, flood, fire, accident, Act of God, epidemic, failure or shortage of supplies or from any other cause, event or occurrence which GBS is either unable to prevent having due regard to its interests. GBS shall not be liable for any loss, damage, cost or delay arising from or as a result of such non-performance.
13. The onus is on the client to ensure that he/she is in possession of adequate travel insurance.


14. GBS is a small private company that offers the best of personalised, private safaris in Southern Africa. This necessarily involves travelling in some of the more inaccessible, wild parts of Africa, often living in tented accommodation in the bush and without access to facilities and amenities which the client takes for granted at home. Weather conditions, especially during the wet season, will also affect travel and game viewing. Moreover, whilst it is not possible to predict what animals, birds or plants will be seen, clients on GBS safaris expect to come into close proximity to wild animals, which are unpredictable and which have the capability to kill or injure. GBS is experienced in ensuring that to the extent possible such access is safe and enjoyable.
Medical facilities are limited. GBS personnel have first aid experience and equipment but are not medically qualified. It is therefore the responsibility of GBS clients to ensure they have adequate medical insurance and emergency medical evacuation cover.
15. These are the realities of a safari in Africa. In practice, serious problems are rare. Nevertheless, having regard to the foregoing, the client accepts that:
(i ) he/she is solely responsible for his/her own safety and well-being;
(ii) GBS is not legally liable for the personal health, safety or well-being of clients, nor for any costs, expense or loss (direct or indirect) incurred or suffered by the client;
(a) as a result of any lack or inadequacy of, or delay in, any service which is not directly provided by GBS pursuant to these terms of business, or the breakdown of any vehicle or other transport; [Note that all air transportation and lodge/fixed camp/hotel accommodation services are provided by independent contractors and are therefore not services provided directly by GBS. Charter flight times arranged by GBS are not guaranteed by GBS.]
(b) in consequence of any illness or injury to, or the death of, any client, howsoever arising;
(c) as a result of any loss of, or damage to, any property of (or in the possession of) any client;
(iii) the client shall have no right of action against any employee, director or proprietor of GBS ("GBS personnel") under any circumstances;
(iv) the client shall indemnify GBS from and against any claim brought against it by any agent, including liability, costs and expense incurred by GBS;
(v) the client will make no claim against GBS or GBS personnel other than in contract pursuant and subject to these terms of business.
16. Clients are responsible to ensure that they travel only if they are in good health and bring adequate supplies of all regularly required and/or special medication. Clients are responsible for ensuring that they are professionally advised about their needs for medication or vaccinations to be taken in relation to their safari.


17. In the case of a joint booking by more than one client travelling in a single party, each adult client is jointly and severally responsible to GBS for all fees and charges payable by that party.
18. Terms of business are only capable of being varied by written agreement between GBS and the client.
19. The legal relationship between GBS, the client and any agent, including these terms of business, is governed by and to be interpreted in accordance with, the laws of Botswana.
20. The courts of Botswana shall have exclusive jurisdiction over any claim brought against GBS or GBS personnel arising howsoever out of or in connection with these terms of business or the provision of services by GBS or GBS personnel.

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