"A chance meeting with Gavin and Marjorie Blair in Zimbabwe 17 years ago was the trigger for the safari of a lifetime this year.  We've been on numerous safaris all over eastern and southern Africa and been lucky to have great guides and amazing wildlife experiences, so we had high expectations when we turned to Gavin and Marjorie for a very special trip.  From the outset, Marjorie's organisation and communications set a level of quality and professionalism that was followed through in every aspect of our trip.  Gavin is without doubt the most knowledgeable, engaging and informative guide we know - flora, fauna, geography, geology, history of each area we visited, showing a depth of understanding and insight that goes way beyond a typical safari guide.  Gavin and Marjorie's enthusiasm for birds opened up a whole new world for us.  The great thing about this trip was being able to take time to just sit and really immerse ourselves in what was happening around us, from watching the comings and goings of great herds at waterholes, to observing the more elusive creatures like the huge male leopard patrolling his territory.  An added bonus was Gavin's willingness to share his photographic expertise and advice, which has given us some fantastic photos to bring back the memories.  It will be hard to better this experience." - Julie & Alan Morling, Chesham, Buckinghamshire, England.

"For lovers of the wild and enthusiastic explorers of all it has to offer, there can be no better option than to use Gavin Blair Safaris to guide you around.   Personal service at its most accomplished.  Gavin and Marjorie, with whom we first travelled over 25 years ago, between them have unparalleled knowledge of the places to go, the places to stay, the creatures (both big and small, legged and winged), and when and where to view them.  As an accomplished wildlife photographer in his own right, Gavin will also help ensure that you are positioned to get close up and personal with the wildlife and to bring back the best photographic record and memories possible of your trip.  Gavin's knowledge of the animals and birds is encyclopedic and conveyed with an infectious enthusiasm.  We are particular lovers of Botswana (and its people).  The country offers a terrific variety of game-viewing opportunities both within the Okovanga delta and in the more remote pans beyond the delta, where we spent most of our time on this visit, seeing a wide variety of animals in glorious and unexpected profusion.  What a trip.  No wonder that so much of Gavin and Marjorie's business comes from returnees like us." - The Browns, Surrey, England (after their second safari with us)

"There are not enough words to describe how great a guide Gavin is!  In honor of my husband's birthday, the two of us and four friends went on safari together.  While I was and "old hand" at this, having been on safari with Gavin four times already, for everyone else it was a first time experience.  How wonderful to witness the delight on their faces as we explored the Okavango, Savuti and the Chobe River basin.  Made all the more interesting and exciting by the breadth and depth of the knowledge Gavin was able to impart about everything from the smallest painted reed frog to the herds of wildebeests and elephants to the geography and history that helped to shape this area.  Everyone had a great time and came away knowing more than they ever expected.  High praise from my hubby- who is not known to gush compliments- is... "it was pretty good".  Would recommend Gavin to everyone that wants an experience beyond the ordinary." - Deborah (Kent) Young, Boston, MA, USA (after Deborah’s fifth safari with us)

"Gavin and Marjorie are not kidding when they say they love being in the bush!  I’ve never met a couple more at ease and in their element than these two being in the wilds of Africa. It was wonderful to get to know them and experience them as a team. Marjorie takes care of office management (which was prompt and efficient throughout the planning for our party of six). Gavin is an authentic, enthusiastic and well versed “naturalist”. He knows more about his environment (plants, birds, animals, insects) than anyone I’ve ever come across, and he clearly loves it. I got the sense that he was more concerned about us missing something than we were – and we didn’t miss a thing! His passion was evident daily, and he clearly never tires of being on safari.  We saw every animal imaginable (except for the Puff Adder and Black Mamba snakes we were hoping to avoid, after hearing his stories). He is extremely attentive to the photographers in the party, positioning and repositioning the vehicle to enable the best shot for each person no matter where they are seated.  Gavin is an excellent storyteller, though he didn’t reveal that until later in our trek. You’ll have to coax him into regaling you with some of his previous adventures. They left us amazed, and were great entertainment for our evenings together. I describe Gavin as a blend of Crocodile Dundee, Dr. Doolittle, Daniel Boone and John Wayne, with a dash of safari debonair. If you want a ‘true safari’ adventure, these are the folks to take you into the bush! We were left fulfilled and enlightened, with a new love and appreciation for Africa and its fragile ecosystem." - Mindy, for The Dettmann family, Denver, CO, USA

"This was our 6th trip with Gavin and Marjorie, but there are always new sights, sounds and experiences to be had and our month long safari through Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia was no exception. There was the inquisitive one year old leopard cub who sat in front of the headlights and looked up over the bonnet at us with his big yellow eyes, the pride of lions strolling past, the nine different animals drinking at one waterhole before they parted to allow the black rhino through, wild dogs out hunting, not to mention all the wonderful different birds we saw and the fabulous experience of driving over the sand dunes. Once again many thanks for another truly memorable safari."  Lynn & David Pickles, Bingley, England (after their sixth safari with us).

"Having just returned from a 9 day safari with Gavin in Botswana, I can’t recommend him more highly.  When I agreed to go on this trip I had very few expectations since my friend planned the adventure. However, since she and I are both professional photographers I certainly planned to take lots of photos. Little did either of us realise in advance what an accomplished and passionate photographer our guide would turn out to be. Gavin has a wealth of knowledge and enthusiasm for photography that he was eager to share, combined with an encyclopaedic knowledge of the animals and birds, as well as insects, flora and weather patterns. Gavin turned what I expected to be a great trip into a fantastic visual exploration - and I have the images to prove it! He always took the time to search out the best angles and the best light in which to capture our subjects as well as giving advice on shutter speeds, ISO settings, exposures, etc. His enthusiasm for his work is infectious. We had a wonderful, memorable time."  Nancy Scanlan, Austin, U.S.A.

"I had thought and dreamed about an African safari for over a decade.  I always knew I would someday go on my dream trip, and so when our friends indicated a similar desire to see Africa plans were put in motion.  I found the whole process of trying to figure out where to go and where to stay and which outfit to use a bit overwhelming, even after hours online reading about the different places.  In my travel folder I had a piece of paper with Gavin's name on it that had been given to me by a friend a couple of years before.  When he gave it to me, he said "If you ever go on a safari, you have to use this guy".  I knew what my friend's standards were so we decided if it was good enough for him, it was good enough for us.  After our experience with Gavin, and seeing what other decisions would have yielded us, I am so thankful we had that recommendation and that we spent our time with Gavin.  We spent 10 days together and the experience built on itself day after day.  On more than one occasion we sat quietly amidst the animals, observing, learning and taking photos, and would watch as other vehicles would come up, sit for a moment and then move on.  The pace of our trip allowed us to really be part of Africa rather than just a pay-by-the-hour tourist.  The only time I felt rushed was in the morning when Gavin wanted to be first vehicle out of camp, but after realising it was because he could track animals if he could see fresh prints, which were gone after the vehicles drove over them, I was more than willing to hurry a little each morning.  Gavin would track, teach, and them come to a screeching halt because something off in the distance caught his eye.  Then he would start again without missing a beat in the conversation.  He was amazing.  I wanted photos and I got them.  Gavin has an innate sense of where the animals will be and what the best angle for taking the picture is.  I went to Africa to see the animals, and came away with such a deep appreciation for the animal world and the cycle of life.  The beauty of the African landscape will stay with me forever.  I truly feel like I didn't just visit Africa but discovered the treasures of Africa, and this was thanks to Gavin showing us his Africa.  I hoped for a trip of a lifetime, which I got tenfold, but instead of checking Africa off the bucket list I realise that now I want to see more of it - and if I'm fortunate to go again, I'll definitely go with Gavin."  Debbie Galbraith, Colorado, U.S.A.

"As usual, with Marjorie's exceptional organisational skills and Gavin's knowledge of all things, this was another fantastic 7th safari with this wonder couple. The diverse wildlife in Hwange was great to see and the numerous lively hippos on the 3 day canoeing part in Mana Pools made for an exciting time! To see the Savuti Channel in full flow with the Savuti Marsh teeming with all the different species of waterfowl was unbelievable. Thanks once again for a thrilling safari, until next time."  Lynn & David Pickles, Bingley, England.  (after their seventh safari with us).

"We so enjoyed Gavin as our guide - his knowledge is really amazing and is what differentiates Gavin Blair Safaris from other companies. We sat and listened to other guests in the various lodges that had other guides and our experience so surpassed theirs - we really got to learn so much about the local fauna and flora, as we didn't spend our entire time chasing lions or leopards as the other game-drives seemed to be doing. Thanks again for a wonderful experience - the trip will go down as one of our best to date. We look forward to another Gavin Blair Safari in the future."   Brian Snelling, Oakland, U.S.A.

"I recently had the opportunity to do a 10 day safari in Botswana with Gavin Blair and four great friends.  After more than a year of discussion and planning I had very high expectations, and all of my expectations were far exceeded.  Gavin is an incredible guide - his knowledge of the animals, birds, vegetation, geology and culture of the areas visited was inexhaustible and was perfectly woven into the experience.  He was flexible in the schedule, and spent as much time as we wanted focusing on our areas of interest.  Some of the very best experiences (out of a very, very long list of great experiences) were those where we would park for an hour and watch a group of baboons, or zebras, or elephants, or hippos, or giraffes, or warthogs, and just watch them, while Gavin talked to us about what we were seeing and the important, but sometimes very subtle, interactions between the members in the group.  There was never a reason to rush and, when we compared our experience to that of others, all agreed (them too!) that we had a far superior experience, all because of our guide.  We know we saw and learned things that others didn't.  And who knew I would be so captivated by the birds? - lilac-breasted rollers, fish eagles, bee eaters, and the ever present, ever scattering guinea fowl, among so many that it's hard to remember them all.  The logistics (flights, accommodations, transfers) were managed by Gavin's charming wife Marjorie, and were perfect.  I cannot recommend Gavin Blair Safaris highly enough - certainly under Gavin's expert guidance I had a trip that qualifies as "the trip of a lifetime" - at least until I do another safari with Gavin Blair Safaris - we're already talking about Namibia!"  Brian Kieley, Oakland, U.S.A. 

"An 'African Safari' had been my dream since I was a little kid, and the dream only grew as I traveled for business and began to develop a 'bucket list' of things to do while I am alive.  Every National Geographic TV special only fuelled the fire but it still seemed too complicated, too expensive and just out of reach.  Luckily a friend referred me to a safari tour company that another friend had used, and when 'googled' turned up a nice website with newsletters describing recent safaris.  When I contacted them to ask details the Blair's offered references of past safari customers that I was able to speak with live and on email.  This took away any doubts I had about long-distance planning, funds transfers or risk.  As a result four of my best friends and I have just returned from a safari that Gavin Blair hosted for us in Botswana and it was indeed a dream come true!  Marjorie and Gavin gave us multiple options for the trip, so maximising what we wanted to see and do.  Gavin Blair Safaris handled every detail of the trip - all we had to do was show up and enjoy ourselves.  Everything was exactly as they promised - wildlife, lodges, food, weather and ground connections - we could not have been more pleased.  I am a totally satisfied customer, and if you are thinking of a safari, contact Gavin Blair first!  If you wish to hear about our trip and learn more about Gavin Blair Safaris from a happy customer, contact me, Jim McAllister, at jmsf7@aol.com - our group is already planning our next safari and Gavin will definitely be our trip guide."  Jim McAllister, Austin, U.S.A. 

"Our trip to Namibia with Gavin and Marjorie was adventurous, colourful and full of fun. What made this trip so unique was the ability to really explore the environment in minute detail - something we had not been able to do on a previous trip to Southern Africa. Gavin and Marjorie's interest in all animals, even small insects, was infectious. We felt that the freedom to stop, pause and really be part of this wonderful world was truly unusual. Additionally, Gavin's enthusiasm and willingness to help us accomplish some fairly challenging physical tasks was much appreciated."  Joan and Charlie Gross, New York City, U.S.A.

"Thanks Gavin and Marjorie so much for a fabulous and wonderful safari experience. I'm only sorry that we didn't 'discover' you years ago so that we might be among the fortunate few who have returned to explore with you so many times. Already we are organising ourselves for a future Gavin Blair Safari trip and hope to see you again sooner than later!"  Terry Lorant & Pete Jacobson Oakland, U.S.A.

"I am in awe of you and your world. What a fortunate person I am, to have seen so much pure, simple life. The memories of this adventure are painting a landscape in my mind, rich with the beauty, sounds, smells and colours of a far off land. Just now, crossing America by plane, I see a choking array of man made order, while remembering the graceful lines of animal trails to watering holes from above, for as far as I could see.  What a joy to see a place man has put no order to, no fence through, no stamp of claim upon. I want to thank you for your vast sharing of knowledge of all things large and small, even tiny. Your willingness to wait for life to unfold, the dung beetle to come alive and roll that giant ball again. This is a way of one who listens to and knows what the animals are saying, knows what direction they take through a landscape that instantly hides them from view, one who meets them on the other side with diversions of lilac-breasted rollers, hornbills and mongoose along the way. Brilliant! Absolutely brilliant! You two are truly a perfect team - what a daunting job to herd the likes of my group into a rhythm that flows with such ease and joy!  Most of all I want to thank you for your humour and wit, and all of your stories so wonderfully told.  What a history I have learned, and perspective of living I have gained.  All of this melding into the most amazing adventure of my life.  If I could do it again and again and again, I most certainly would, in a heart beat.  Like the abandoned house in Chobe, I could see a life taken over by the force of nature you have given me a vision of.  Thank you both from the bottom of my heart."  Vicki Bohannon, Sante Fe, U.S.A. 

"I have known Marjorie for many years and have so enjoyed receiving the monthly newsletters - each time promising myself that I really would go on one of the safaris, sometime.  Eventually I got the opportunity to visit Zimbabwe and Botswana with Gavin and Marjorie - and what an experience!  Gavin's encyclopaedic knowledge of every animal, bird, insect and tree was incredible and endlessly fascinating.  Marjorie's organisational skills were fantastic and the trip was really memorable.  I am reliving it all through the many photos and video that I took, and I am already trying to work out when I can go again."  Jill Warburton, Surrey, England.

"We have just returned from our first African safari with Gavin Blair Safaris, hopefully it will not be our last.  What an experience.  With Gavin’s expert commentary, explanations and guidance you become part of the environment rather than just a spectator.  Encounters with lion, buffalo, giraffe, zebra, elephant, crocodile and hippo all add to the rich experience.  Thank you Marjorie for meticulously organising the trip, and thank you Gavin for being an expert guide, host and companion."  Owen & Sarah Hughes, Staffordshire, England. 

"The trip was spectacular, made particularly so by your ever-present and caring self.  You shared with us not only your knowledge of the flora and fauna, but made sure that we were comfortable and safe at all times.  I recall your subtlety when you stopped the vehicle not only to enjoy the wildlife, but also to insure that we humans did not disturb the lives of the animals unnecessarily.  You identified all the birds and wildlife, but, although I wish I could, I can't remember all those wonderful details.  I am much impressed with the knowledge you have acquired over many years, as well as all the fascinating yarns you spin about the native wildlife, anthropomorphising many of their lives to emphasise their kinship with us humans.  Giraffes, herds of elephants, lionesses with their cubs, wild dogs chasing a sable antelope, hippos fighting, crocodiles fighting, monkeys, warthogs, wildebeests, dung beetles pushing a dung ball many times its own size and weight, lizards, baboons (one sitting beside the road like an old man keeping an eye on things) - I cannot begin to name all we saw. Most impressive were the herds of animals and the birds living in close proximity to one another, sharing their home in the wilderness, and signalling one another if a predator was nearby. Thanks for a great trip!" Jane Haskell, Pittsburgh U.S.A. and Susie Linnemayr, Central Sandwich, U.S.A.

“This year, after many discussions with our friends Lina and Dario, we decided to make a trip to Africa.  It was to be our first time in Africa and so we were full of doubts and apprehensions and a little scared.  Via the internet we started to contact various travel agencies both Italian and African.  We were getting more and more confused until we contacted  Gavin Blair Safaris.  Marjorie gave us suggestions, listened to our desires and made it all easy.  Finally we arrived in Victoria Falls - Gavin was at the airport and from then on we were "in his hands".  Gavin & Marjorie were the perfect travelling companions, competent and attentive - they spoke to us in plain English to make us feel at ease and taught us to understand and love the animals - we were amazed to discover the habits of the elephants, elegant giraffes, stripped zebras, cunning crocodiles and hippos.  Gavin is also an expert on the various species of birds, whose colours we admired, along with the early morning light and the fiery sunsets.  We're dreaming of another trip to Africa, in different areas and countries, but definitely with Gavin & Marjorie.”  Enzo & Piera Boerci, Italy. 

"As professional travel and wildlife photographers we where looking for a guide who could get us close to the wildlife and in amongst the action. Gavin proved to be a great choice! He has a knack of knowing exactly what we want, and would almost always get us into the best position, with the best angle, lighting and distance without even being asked.  His knowledge of the flora and fauna of Southern Africa is no less than encyclopaedic. Anyone interested in seeing more than just 'the big 5', who has say, an interest in the birdlife, for example, would find Gavin has an amazing aptitude for spotting tiny birds off in the distance and then the ability to get you close. We where lucky enough to have a month on safari with Gavin and Marjorie, visiting Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. The whole trip went without a hitch and we got some amazing photographs. Unlike most safaris, where games drives revolve around the meal times at the lodges, with Gavin Blair Safaris you can (if you want) be up and out before it's light and stay out in the bush all day, and only return after dark. The fact that Gavin has his own light aircraft and can fly you into the most remote or inaccessible areas saves so much time. Time you can then spend doing even more game drives. Of all our worldwide travels our safari with Gavin Blair Safaris was by far the best trip we have so far undertaken, we both loved it."  Steve & Pauline Allen, York, England.

"Being on a safari with Gavin Blair as your personal guide is a 'mind blowing' experience. You will soon be astounded at his uncanny knack of locating the most elusive bird, or being introduced to that longed for close encounter with all other creatures both great or small. To come across the mighty elephant is one thing, but to spot, for instance, that rare sighting of a Pel's Fishing Owl whilst driving is quite another! Go then with Gavin Blair Safaris, and be enriched by safari experience you won't forget"  Bill & Betty Dunn, Welling, England (after their 10th safari with us). 

"Thank you Gavin and Marjorie for the wonderful time I recently had in Namibia and the Etosha National Park. Your knowledge of the country and its wildlife turned a great holiday into a really fantastic one. To find myself in the middle of the Namib desert standing on the ridge of one of the tallest sand dunes was something I only ever thought happened to other people, and to share this experience with a couple who so obviously love the wild places of Africa and its creatures was a real privilege. Gavin's ability to name in Latin all the many trees and shrubs was simply outstanding, but what can I say when he spots a lion a few kilometres away, drives some minutes down the road and around a bend and there it is, just as he said it would be - incredible! With Gavin Blair Safaris not only do you get a lot of information about the wildlife as well as the time to sit back and enjoy it, but you also get a guided tour of the night sky thrown in at the end of each day. I had such a great time - thank you so much."  Pamela Withey, Dover, England (after her 3rd safari with us).

"We would like to thank you once again for the outstanding safari you have organised for us. We will not forget this journey, especially the highlights like ballooning over the desert, seal in the private boat, thousands of flamingos and seals, welwitschias, animals by the hundreds in Etosha and all the other interesting animals, trees, birds, plants etc. We will certainly get back to you for another memorable trip."  Karl Meyer, Forch, Switzerland (after his 7th safari with us).

"There's just one word, without the pictures, that best describes our family's experience with Gavin Blair Safaris: "WOW!" This once in a lifetime experience, although we'd like to go again now with Gavin and Marjorie, was nothing but shear pleasure and amazement with the sites, animals, birds and wonder of this Botswana safari covering eight days. Every single detail of the trip was organised in a world-class fashion by Marjorie and Gavin without a hitch, and in fact, "pampered" would best describe their customer service orientation. Gavin's truly remarkable knowledge of literally everything we saw and experienced from plants to trees to the terrain in the Chobe, Savuti and Okavango Delta areas to the game, fish, reptiles and birds was explored and explained to us with such command and incredible insight, it simply magnified our learning and added to the beauty of what we were seeing at each step of the journey. And with our three teenagers along for the safari, who can easily get bored without Facebook and video games, Gavin kept their interest and excitement piqued virtually every moment. We had great fun, good laughs and thoroughly enjoyed all of Gavin's safari stories, which only served to embellish the overall adventure for us. All in all, Marjorie and Gavin made us feel like family with them and it's an experience that my wife, three kids and I will cherish for the rest of our lives. After returning and sharing the 1,600 photos we took and our fantastic experience with friends and family, we said to them that if you're going to do a safari don't cut corners to save a few hundred bucks, do it with the ultimate professionals and do it with Gavin Blair Safaris!"  Peter Schmidt, Blonay, Switzerland.

"We have just returned from the holiday of a lifetime, and thankfully we chose Gavin Blair safaris to go with.  This was our first safari, and we had 26 days going through Namibia, Botswana and ending in Victoria Falls, and enjoyed many, many experiences that took our breath away.  With Marjorie's exceptional organisational skills and Gavin's vast knowledge of everything in the bush, they make an excellent team.  We enjoyed every moment and are left with memories that will stay with us forever.  We would like to thank both Gavin and Marjorie for their unwavering dedication to ensure that we had the best time possible and giving a 110% all of the time.  We would highly recommend anyone who wants a safari to book with Gavin Blair safaris, we are already thinking of our next trip with them."  David & Karen Goddard, Nuneaton, England. 

"We have just returned from our Namibia safari with Gavin and Marjorie.  The level of service was fantastic and nothing was too much trouble.  Marjorie's attention to detail with the accommodation and transfer arrangements before and after the trip was exceptional.  Gavin was continuously manoeuvring the vehicle to ensure everyone had a first class photo opportunity of the fantastic animals and birds.  We only had to express a wish to see something or go somewhere and Gavin did everything humanly possible to fulfil that desire.  Namibia is a real land of contrasts - from the highest sand dunes in the world to the cold Atlantic coast where seals flopped on the boat trip organised for us.  Patience was rewarded when we saw two cheetahs speed after and catch a springbok.  We saw huge elephants, dozens of giraffe and zebra as well as small mammals such as honey badgers, mongooses and jackals and hyenas.  In all we saw 40 types of animals.  We spotted 130 different species of birds and also the weird welwitschia plant.  We cannot speak too highly of the level of service offered.  A trip with Gavin and Marjorie Blair is an amazing experience."  John & Jean Clements, Canterbury, England. 

"This summer we spent ten days in Namibia with Gavin and Marjorie, and it was amazing!  Everything we'd read ahead of time stressed desolation and dryness.  Even as we flew over the country on our way in, we were asking “why did we choose Namibia?”  The answer was simple - Gavin and Marjorie had recommended it after our Botswana safari with them, and we trusted their judgment.  We weren’t disappointed!  From the minute we got into their custom Landcruiser at Windhoek Airport, until the leopards on the last day, it was pure adventure.  They know animals, plants, geography, and people.  They’re passionate about nature and saw beauty in it all, which meant that we saw the beauty, too.  Gavin could spot the tiniest dik-dik from a hundred yards, knew when the lions would move from sun to shade, and told us how sociable weaver birds make their nests. I'd gotten my first camcorder days before coming, and he gave me tip after tip about using it well. The lodges were comfortable and inviting but never ostentatious, and Marjorie and Gavin took such good care of the details that we could truly relax and enjoy. Altogether, it was like traveling with good friends - warm, knowledgeable, capable friends who laugh a lot and love what they do.  I’d never do a safari with any other guides!  Tammy Reid, Spokane, U.S.A.  (after her third safari with us).

"We just can't thank you enough for the opportunity to have been able to share these experiences with you.  In every way imaginable this was the trip of a lifetime for us, far surpassing even our fairly high expectations.  We can't think of anything we would have had you do differently.  We were especially happy with the itinerary - it seemed as if the wildlife viewing just kept getting better with each new area (although if we had done the reverse itinerary I'm sure we'd have felt the same way).  By the end of the safari Gavin even managed to get me a little interested in birding, a huge accomplishment indeed.  Our fondest wish would be to join you on another safari."  Doug & Judy Schaaf, Seattle, U.S.A. 

"Photographing wildlife has always been a dream and one that not only became a reality in May but an amazing and brilliant experience of a lifetime.  Gavin’s vast knowledge and understanding of absolutely everything that lives and breaths in the bush was only matched by his enthusiasm for getting us exactly where we needed to be to photograph all kinds of wildlife at very close quarters, and then passionately impart all that knowledge and understanding… plus a whole lot more!  Being up before sun up, out all day in the bush and back after sun down gave us the best opportunity to maximise everyday and moment of our trip in Botswana… our days were simply 12 hours of heart pounding excitement, fun and adventure, which has left me and my fellow photographers wanting more!  I cannot recommend Gavin’s safari experience highly enough… you will not be disappointed."  Sally Edwards, Salisbury, England. 

"I recently spent two weeks with Gavin on a bespoke wildlife photography safari with a small group of professional photographers.  Gavin's knowledge and enthusiasm of wildlife and the natural world is absolutely phenomenal, we had an amazing and extremely memorable two weeks.  From a photography point of view I couldn't have asked for a better guide - Gavin not only found the wildlife but also put us in the optimal position photographically to get the most stunning shots.  I would highly recommend Gavin Blair to anyone looking for an amazing safari trip with a difference!"  Lesley Wood, Warrington, England. 

"I have just returned from my second photographic safari with Gavin Blair Safaris, this time to Victoria Falls, the Okavango Delta, Savuti and the Chobe National Park.  As a professional travel and wildlife photographer I was again keen to get 'up close and personal' with the wildlife.  On this trip I brought with me a group of four other photographers, all keen to photograph Africa's wildlife.  My group were all in awe of the magnificent locations, the lodges, the incredible wildlife and of Gavin's amazing knowledge and ability to get us so close to the wildlife. My group all worked their cameras hard and they all have some great photographs and incredible memories of their time on safari.  We were also privileged to see the Savuti Channel flowing again for the first time in over 30 years.  It was great to see all the species new to the Savuti area that the water was attracting to the region.  Looking forward to our next safari."  Steve Allen, York, England.  (after his second safari with us).

"Having just returned from a photographic holiday in Botswana we would like to record our gratitude and appreciation to both Gavin and Marjorie for the major part they played in giving us such a wonderful and unforgettable experience. Their organisation was superb and their knowledge and enthusiasm were surpassed only by their friendly and co-operative attitude and attention to detail. These attributes were applied to every aspect of our trip from flora to birds and mammals and always with a real dedication to the wildlife of Africa. Apart from making the trip so informative, interesting and enjoyable it has introduced us to two new friends whom we hope to see again either in Africa or the UK. Many thanks to both of you."  David & Peta Kennedy, Reading, England.

"We have just returned home our third safari with Gavin & Marjorie, this time to Namibia.  We have not seen a more desolate, arid, hostile yet incredibly beautiful landscape and country.  Gavin was at his best, spotting most of the big five and finding the smallest of creatures almost at will.  It is always a pleasure to associate with someone with so much passion and enthusiasm for his region and profession.  We will be back for number four sooner rather than later, this time for the wild dogs and porcupines!"  Geoff & Lee Cleghorn, Brisbane, Australia. (after their third safari with us).

"The safari was a great experience and we had a wonderful time.  It was special to see wildlife in their own environment, and a couple of close encounters with elephant and lion will remain with us forever.  We thought the whole trip was put together well and the whole experience was certainly enhanced by its exclusive aspect and Gavin's vast knowledge and ability to communicate that.  Thanks again for a memorable experience."  Mark & Rosemary Hopgood, Jindalee, Australia. 

“Finding a good African guide is not an easy task. My wife's and my lifelong ambition was to go on an African photo safari. We started asking people we would meet on cruises if they had ever been on safari.  As luck would have it we met two separate couples that had both been on safari with Gavin (one couple 5 times and the other couple 7 times). After talking with each couple there was no longer any doubt we were going to use Gavin.  Marjorie (Gavin's wife) provides all the information by e-mail that you will need to arrive well prepared for a successful safari.  Words and pictures cannot truly capture the feel and excitement of a safari with Gavin. Gavin's knowledge of the wildlife is incredible. He not only takes you to the birds, plant life and animals, but explains how they all interact with each other. It was obvious to us that all the lodge and camp safari vehicles were on a strict schedule - while Gavin would stop and take the time to let us just enjoy a herd of impala or elephants drinking at a waterhole the other vehicles would just drive by.  The camps and lodges were very well organized and staffed with friendly people. The food was outstanding.  We cannot recommend Gavin Blair Safaris enough. Gavin and Marjorie run a first class operation. You will truly get to see Africa in a manner you will not soon forget.” - Bob and Charlie Lorino, Katy, Texas, U.S.A.

“In April 2012 we spent a safari with Gavin Blair Safaris in Botswana.  We had previously been on safaris in East Africa and found this to be a totally different experience.  Gavin ensured that each day was fully occupied game viewing and gave us a truly enthralling experience with his vast knowledge of the African wilderness.  Everyday Gavin made discoveries of wild life giving us memories we will never forget of the sights we saw and the information he gave us relating to those sightings.  Gavin's experience and knowledge of Africa are truly exceptional and we give him the highest recommendation possible.  An important point we would like to mention is that the organization of our safari throughout by Marjorie must be complimented.  Everything was faultless and added to our total enjoyment.  It was an absolute joy meeting Gavin and Marjorie, so much so that we are booking a safari to Namibia in 2014 and we have no hesitation, whatsoever, in recommending Gavin Blair Safaris.”  Derek & Carole Robinson, Esher, Surrey, England.

“We returned to Africa this year for our second safari with Gavin Blair Safaris.  As with our first safari, I was amazed at how much more we saw and experienced than any of the people we met who were travelling with different operators.  Gavin and Marjorie go out of their way to ensure that you have the very best experience possible and see as much as you possibly can.  Gavin's knowledge and helpfulness is unparalleled, and Marjorie works tirelessly behind the scenes to make everything go smoothly.  I wouldn't dream of going on safari with anyone else.  We can't wait to return."  Carolyn Claridge, Auckland, New Zealand. (after their second safari with us)

“I was recommended to Gavin Blair Safaris by a past guest of theirs, who told me that the only downside was that on their further travels elsewhere no other guide had ever been able to match Gavin’s knowledge and enthusiasm. Being very well travelled myself I doubted this was the case, but having done some further research and checked out previous testimonials I was sold and so booked my safari. Having returned from the most amazing safari I now agree that even though I have been on numerous birding and wildlife holidays on all but one continent I can honestly say that Gavin was, without question, the most knowledgeable and informative guide I have ever met, and with a way of putting his knowledge across that greatly enhanced every hour of every day of my safari. Now I can see why so many of Gavin Blair Safaris guests return again and again - I will be back too!” - Rosemary Dunn, New South Wales, Australia.

“We’ve just returned from our fifth safari with Gavin Blair Safaris. Wow! - Gavin's enthusiasm is still all there - in bucket loads and as infectious as it was on our first safari so many years ago. Gavin still makes every sighting of even the most common animals as interesting and exciting as if it was our first ever, and that was how it was with everything he showed us from big to small and everything in between. Gavin not only made every sighting interesting but he also gave us so many helpful tips and advice to help ensure that we captured it all on camera as well - and those photos will keep us going until we can return again, which we definitely will do - so many thanks to the Blair’s for another memorable safari.” - William & Sophie Smith, New York, U.S.A.

“Namibia! Another amazing trip with Gavin. Quite different to Botswana and for us oldies quite a challenge, climbing dunes, sliding down on our backsides, riding quad bikes and climbing steep rocky terrain! Not forgetting the thrilling flight over Dunes where no man has walked. The scenery is awesome, ever-changing and almost moon like but always intercepted by birds and wildlife. Once in Etosha National Park the waterholes were quite amazing. Whether it be early in the morning, during the day or late at night, to see so many species interacting with each other and getting to know their family units was for us another great way to watch wildlife at its  best. Thanks Gavin for all your knowledge ,wonderful stories and Marjorie for the organisation.” - Penny and Peter Rowling, Surrey, England. (after their second safari with us)

“We’ve been home a month now after our second African adventure with Gavin Blair Safaris and we still haven’t written the long awaited testimonial. Why’s that? Because we don’t know where to start? Because once it’s written that’s confirmation our trip is really over? A bit of both I think. Where to start? Victoria Falls is a good place. Then move on to Savuti and Chobe in Botswana. Time is very important when on safari and it is something you certainly get with Gavin; we sat for a good hour watching a vast herd of cape buffalo walk past and around us. Savuti not only allows you to spend hours with huge herds of elephant and buffalo but also with the smaller, more elusive animals. Having ample time means you can immerse yourself completely in what is going on around you. Watching amorous ostrich causing stampedes, young lions feeding, elephants playing, counting giraffes; Savuti is a special place. Chobe is different and focused on the river, which means boats as well as vehicles, the wildlife however is still prolific, with massive herds of zebra, elephant, impala and buffalo, also leopards and lions. From Chobe drive to Etosha in Namibia; once again we are rewarded with countless opportunities to view animals at the water holes. Black rhinoceros, six one night with a baby, elephants, lions, springbok and cheetah, three at once!! Some animals did elude us, wild dogs and the bat eared fox to name a couple, but that can mean just one thing, we’ll have to return once more. Thanks once again to Gavin and Marjorie for another fantastic trip, we will be back…..” - Owen & Sarah Hughes, Staffordshire, England. (after their second safari with us)

“We have just completed our second safari with Gavin Blair Safaris, this time to Namibia having been to Botswana with them previously. The safari was fantastic throughout and cannot be given the praise it deserves in this short testimonial. We were taken through the enormous sand dunes of Namib Naukluft National Park followed by a scenic flight over the dunes, a boat ride in Walvis Bay viewing seals and dolphins, then a quad bike driving experience over the sand dunes all exciting and highly enjoyable. Our drive continued along the Skeleton Coast then arriving in Etosha National Park which was the highlight of our trip. During our six days in Etosha we had wonderful viewing of the prolific wildlife Etosha is famous for. Gavin's knowledge of the wildlife and landscape was invaluable and together with Marjorie he created an unforgettable lasting memory for us.” - Carole and Derek Robinson, Esher, England. (after their second safari with us)

“What a wonderful time we had on safari with Gavin. Our trip exceeded expectations in every respect. Gavin was a most gracious and amazingly knowledgeable host. He took good care of us and, more importantly, made us all feel that over the time we spent together we had become good friends. The logistical arrangements Marjorie made for us worked flawlessly. I cannot imagine a better or more exciting introduction to the wonders of Africa. Many thanks for a truly memorable experience - I almost wrote “once in a lifetime”, but in fact I’d love to make another trip with Gavin Blair Safaris!” -  Mike Fischer, Milwaukee, U.S.A. 

“If you really want to get up close and personal with Africa's wildlife, if you want to experience Africa with the most professional and knowledgeable guide, then you should book with Gavin Blair Safaris.  Perhaps Africa's best safari experience ever.  Gavin has supreme knowledge and a deep understanding of Africa's animals, birds, plants, geography and the local people.  Marjorie Blair sets the highest standards when planning and arranging all the details around accommodation taking you to some of the most remote and unique lodges that we've seen in the world - and we've travelled a lot!  This combination makes it a worry free experience that means you can just sit back and marvel at the incredible places this husband and wife team take you to.  Due to their 30 years experience in safaris they know how and where to find wildlife that is truly amazing.  We have been on numerous safaris through Africa and they are by far the best.”  Gayle and Alan Veal, Victoria, Australia. 

“In July 2013 Ralph and I went on an eight day safari with Gavin and Marjorie beginning at spectacular Victoria Falls and continuing to the Okavango Delta, Savuti and Chobe parks.  Gavin was a wealth of information on fauna, flora, astronomy and history of the areas.  While the safari was structured and fast paced, Gavin always took the time to answer questions from animal tracks, species of birds to growth of an elephant’s skull.  The accommodations were outstanding and somewhat entertaining with the hippos snorting around the tent at night in the Delta.  As we were arranging our trip, Marjorie provided a list of everything we needed to do prior to and bring for the trip and this proved invaluable.  We highly recommend a safari with Gavin and Marjorie to experience Africa.”  Charlotte Miller, Tennessee, U.S.A. 

“In April 2013 my husband and I and a couple of friends went on safari in Botswana with Gavin and Marjorie Blair and had an absolutely marvellous time.  Gavin went out of his way to show us as much as he possibly could.  He has extensive knowledge of the Okavango Delta, Savuti and Chobe areas we visited and would happily tailor the activities to meet our interests.  Following tracks and spoor he was able to tell us interesting things about the habits and behaviours of the many creatures we encountered from the large bull elephants to the fascinating little dung beetles.  As a keen photographer himself, he was able to put us in the best possible position with the most suitable light for our photographs and to offer suggestions about camera settings if we needed them.  We came away feeling as if we had made some new friends because Gavin and Marjorie were so friendly, helpful and personable.  Sometime in the future we hope to do a safari in Namibia with them.”   Jane Hawkins, Normanville, South Australia.

“We just returned from a two week adventure with the Blair’s.  It was a mind altering experience for us.  The local information on all the animals large and small, plants and birds was just over the top.  Gavin Blair is part of Africa not just a guide in a vehicle.  His vast knowledge of animal behavior and interaction, as well as bird species and geology leaves one with a vast appreciation for the biodiversity of Africa and the need to conserve habitat.  We think Gavin is on his way to becoming a legend!!  We were usually the first group into the park in the morning and the last out at night.  The animals came to us at the water holes.  Never did we chase around like the radio guides that chatter the locations of lions or leopards.  Our vehicle was always positioned at the best angle for the photo conditions.  We had a black rhino nearly brush the vehicle.  We did get brushed by two teenage elephants at a water hole that were pushing each other around in a game of elephant like sumo wrestling.  Wow.  Then there was a giraffe that would rather munch on some leaves about three feet from us.  She could not have cared less.  We went out on the river to see hippos, but the hippos were very grumpy and were given wide berth as they don’t play well with others.  Not to mention the lion that peered into the vehicle over the hood before laying down in front of us!!  Or the pride of lions with their cubs we watched interact by ourselves for a long time after Gavin tracked them, or the 81 elephants, or the honey badger, or the hyenas, or the leopards and so on!!  Then there were the wild dogs with their pups, a special request from us to find.  Gavin knows the animals and how they interact with each other.  He knows how to approach, and never once caused the animal to react to our presence.  He is a very sensitive individual and totally immersed in sharing his love for his home with everyone.  Our accommodations were very comfortable and in some cases luxurious.  Weight gain became an issue because the meals were so good we were all having second helpings!!  Marjorie and Gavin planned a beautiful surprise birthday party for Marcia with cake, candles and special wine!!  It was a lovely evening.  We thank Gavin and Marjorie for planning such a wonderful Safari and we will return!!!”  Marcia and Robin Zosack, Massachusetts, U.S.A. 

"What an amazing trip to the three parks in Africa which we visited.  Gavin and Marjorie were such gracious hosts and their knowledge of the environment and animals was outstanding.  It was very educational.  The ability to see and photograph the animals in their natural habitat was absolutely outstanding.  The accommodations were stellar.  We highly recommend a Gavin Blair Safari to anyone from the experienced to the very inexperienced as we were.  Thank you, thank you, thank you.  We will return."  Monica Mackell, California, U.S.A. 

"My adult daughter and I just returned from a Gavin Blair Botswana Wildlife Safari.  The safari far exceeded our expectations.  You will not find a guide more knowledgeable in all aspects of wildlife (animals, birdlife, plants and trees, etc. etc.), history and photography than Gavin Blair.  The safari was planned with a variety of wildlife viewing i.e. on foot, by boat, and safari vehicle; a variety of terrain, and a variety of lodging (all superb).  We were able to be comfortably close to the animals and take the time to really watch them.  Our time spent in (and at) Victoria Falls was interesting, educational, and fun.  Marjorie and Gavin's efficiency in handling details made the trip a pleasure.  A lifelong dream realized."  Betty Sloan, Washington, U.S.A. 

"We've just returned from our 2nd safari with GBS.  Twice as long this time, and still we wish we could have stayed longer.  We began plotting, planning and saving for this trip the minute we got on the ‘plane home from the first safari.  It was just such a fantastic experience.  This time we shared the trip with two "new friends" who Gavin & Marjorie helped to arrange, and that too was a terrific combination, a definite plus to the trip.  It was particularly interesting to return at the opposite season to our first trip (March & September) and to return to some of the places we'd seen in the wet season.  This time they were completely dry, so noting the difference in animal behaviors and concentrations was fascinating.  Gavin is quite simply the best imaginable guide.  We can't wait to return for safari #3. "  Terry & Pete Lorant, California, U.S.A. (after their second safari with us)

“Gavin you gave us more than we expected.  The lovely long safaris in Botswana on foot, by boat and in the Landcruiser gave us time to enjoy the wildlife and appreciate the landscape.  Thank you for letting us share your great knowledge and enthusiasm of the wildlife, enthralling and amusing us with great stories of the animals family habits, and appreciation of the light for good photos.  Every moment of our time was enjoyed also thanks to Marjorie and her organisational skills which enabled us to have a trouble free, exciting and rewarding journey, staying at beautiful lodges with amazing views.  We are now home with thousands of photos and memories which will stay with us forever.  We hope to meet up again one day.”  Penny & Peter Rowling, Surrey, England. 

“I, along with five other family members and friends, have just returned from a safari to Zimbabwe and Botswana.  We discovered how lucky we were to have Gavin and Marjorie as our guides even before the safari began - issues with our airline caused us to be more than a day late arriving in Africa, but Marjorie took action to adjust our itinerary so that this snafu didn't derail our safari.  What's special about Gavin Blair Safaris is that even with a larger group like ours there is something for everyone, whether a photographer, bug or plant enthusiast, bird-watcher, elephant fan, or someone who just wants an adventurous vacation.  Gavin immediately tuned into the interests of our group and took the time to make sure we were all getting the most out of the safari.  He answered all our questions and constantly encouraged us to ask more.  Meanwhile, Marjorie was working tirelessly to make sure every detail was taken care of - each day was expertly planned, leaving us to enjoy our vacation without the stresses that can come with travel.  Our safari was the trip of a lifetime, and Gavin and Marjorie went above and beyond to make sure it was.”  Kristin, Austin, Texas, U.S.A. 

“Having done a fantastic trip last year with Gavin and Marjorie to Zimbabwe and Botswana, I couldn’t believe that a second one (but this time to Namibia) could be even better - but it certainly was.  Each day had something special about it - seeing rhinos and elephants suckling their young, hyenas racing onto a kill left by a lion who had to move into the shade, four cheetahs in the evening sun in an unlikely habitat, fighting giraffes, zebra and springbok, mating lions, dolphins and seals on the coast and quad-biking on the dunes!  Everything was immaculately organised by Marjorie and all the animals, birds, plants, lizards and insects explained in minute detail by Gavin - such an incredible holiday, with hundreds of photos and videos to organise and to bring back such marvellous memories.  Follow that, as they say……!  Jill Warburton, Purley, Surrey, England. (after her second safari with us)

“My family and I took a safari with Gavin and Marjorie in Botswana in July of 2012.  It was a marvellous experience.  Marjorie and Gavin did all of the advance planning for us, arranging the lodging, arranging transportation while on safari and arranging meals for the entire trip.  Gavin's knowledge of the animals, birds, plants etc. is truly phenomenal.  He got us up close to the wildlife and explained what we were seeing.  The highlights of the safari were finding and watching two leopard cubs playing in some rocks and watching eight lions in a stand-off with a buffalo (the lions gave up and the buffalo escaped).  The lodges we stayed at were great and the food was terrific.  We learned what a "sundowner" is (a drink shared with good company while watching the sun go down in the African landscape) and we saw animals while on foot, in boats and in Gavin's personally modified safari vehicle.  Gavin and Marjorie were recommended to me by a friend who had gone on safari with them a number of years ago and I will recommend them to anyone else interested in a safari.”  Brian McGrath, New Berlin, Wisconsin, U.S.A. 

“My son Glen and I were part of a twelve day safari comprising seven people ranging in age from 15 to 76 years, traversing various locations in northern and western Namibia from the 22nd September to the 3rd October 2012.  We spent the early part of the safari observing the various animals over three locations in the Etosha National Park followed by unforgettable times in Damaraland including a visit to the Himba people, and then at Twyfelfontein learning much natural history.  Finally the Atlantic Ocean welcomed us before we left the safari at Swakopmund.  We wish to place on record that the accommodation and meals were all excellent, that Gavin and Marjorie are true professionals with a never ending source of knowledge, and that the cost of this Safari was true value for money.  Whether for the highly experienced African traveller or novices as we were, I cannot recommend Gavin Blair Safaris highly enough.”  Claude Reghenzani, Singapore.

“Gavin Blair Safaris is the ultimate way to go if you really want to see the wonderful African animals and birds in their unique places in the diverse ecosystems you will encounter.  Gavin and Marjorie are experts and know to make your experience fun, comfortable, exciting and unforgettable.  Gavin’s knowledge of what you will see is unsurpassed as evidenced by his detailed descriptions of each animal’s life history and special adaptations for survival.  Stories from over 30 years of his keen observations studying “the bush” environment provide fabulous color to what you will see while on safari.  Whether you are a wildlife and birding novice or expert, you won’t be disappointed.  Next time we go to Africa, it will most definitely be with GBS.”  Witt and Myrna Anderson, Sherwood, Oregon, USA.

“Fabulous adventure!  That's how I would describe our ten day safari in Botswana with Gavin and Marjorie Blair.  Our group of six friends planned our trip a year in advance, relying heavily on the dedicated help of Marjorie.  The results were outstanding and unforgettable!  Gavin and Marjorie do an exceptional job of planning and executing a whirlwind tour providing up close exposure to most of Africa’s big game animals and an overwhelming variety of birds.  Gavin’s incredible knowledge and thirty years of experience proves invaluable, as he explains the flora and fauna in amazing detail.  Evenings were spent at a variety of unique lodgings that provided excellent accommodations and terrific food.  Areas visited included Victoria Falls (with some exciting white water rafting), the Okavango Delta, the Savuti Channel, and parts of Chobe National Park.  For an African adventure that’s sure to exceed your expectations, rely on Gavin Blair Safaris.”  Fred Anderson, Sandwich, Massachusetts, USA. 

"Even though this was our 8th safari with Gavin and Marjorie there was still lots to see and learn. Their enthusiasm for all wildlife is contagious. To get up close and personal with all things big and small is great. Because we were out longer than the lodges we had the most fantastic sightings on this three-week trip in Zimbabwe, Botswana and Namibia. Seeing a wild dog chasing an impala right in front of the vehicle was amazing, then 14 ostrich drinking at a waterhole, hyenas playing and swimming at another waterhole. and my favourite the honey badger going about his business in the early morning, this was but to name a few of the varied and interesting animal interactions/sightings we had. We also had good sightings of the big five including the black and white rhino. The bird sightings were just as good and we were very lucky to see the mating ritual of the red-crested korhaan, dancing and singing around the female who didn’t look too interested! Gavin’s knowledge of all things still amazes us, plus Marjorie’s skill at finding the perfect friendly small camps makes for a great combination. Until next time” - Lynn & David Pickles, West Yorkshire, UK (after their eighth safari with us)

"This safari was Jill’s third with GBS but my first and it was in a different league to any that I have experienced before, and I cannot praise too highly the content of the itinerary and good organisation that had been expended on our behalf.  From the moment Gavin met us at Windhoek Airport we were treated to an exceptional and varied programme that was never less than very interesting and, on most occasions, absolutely fascinating.  Initially the beauty and overwhelming nature of the countryside from the canyons to the majesty of the Namib Naukluft sand dunes was unlike anything we had seen; with the flight over the dunes to the Atlantic being truly memorable.  Walvis Bay with its Cape fur seals and the motor boat trip whetted our appetite for the massive seal colony at Cape Cross, but it sandwiched the most enormous fun of riding the dunes on quad bikes – what an experience!  But all this preceded the “animal” tour de force of the Etosha National Park.  Gavin is the most extraordinary, knowledgeable, and informative guide who never seems to miss a creature or a bird and always displays a compendium-like flow of detail about it and its habits.  Of particular note, however, was the sighting during our various forays of over 30 rhinos, of which three were the white variety.  When we packed up at the last of the very comfortable lodges to return to the UK, we were saddened that we had come to the end of our trip, but refreshed by the knowledge that we had a store of unforgettable memories, and photos, to sustain us until the next time." - Clive Evans and Jill Warburton, Purley, Surrey, England (after Jill’s third safari with us)

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